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A Comprehensive Guide to Selecting the Best Live Stream Service in Singapore

1. Introduction to Live Stream Services

A live stream service is the all-important solution because it is able to send and receive every bit of information conveyed fast and in real-time without the use of external visualization tools. It is able to exchange appropriate multimedia documents, with no need for real storage capacity. Live streaming software helps administrators send information through clear data as it permits transfers to be made faster and in real-time. Live streaming Singapore support is engineered to provide real-time data, the potential to transfer numerous video and audio data transmissions at the same time. Generally, the internet and CD-ROMs act as visual documents now used in health, education, tourism, information, entertainment, and marketing with live streaming. Easy-to-use live streaming software in Singapore can be used on any channel broadcasting system either privately or publicly. Such tools are best used both to promote information publicly or within a close group with the best options for a particular content security service to make confidential documents indiscreet and capable of public viewing. Professional live streaming software in Singapore is profitable per year, and it is favorable to make and broadcast numerous channels.

The ease of information dissemination is at a higher level with the use of modern-day companion tools, and live streaming is on the forefront of modifying the manner in which we send and obtain information through the example of text, audio, or visual content. The majority of private and government sectors have appreciated the easiness and user-friendly nature of this tool but are not entirely aware of the important features which make this process effective and efficient. The techniques depend widely on the live stream provider’s service performance. An extensively responsible live streaming service in Singapore should be able to send content fast and of excellent quality either one-way or bi-directionally. Other than that, an excellent live streaming service should not consume an overextended amount of network traffic. Besides the internet, it should be proficient to stream the content from mobile devices, television broadcasting channels, and any type of private or public organization network channels, with the ability to disseminate information simple and detailed, or simple and confidential, in a manner in which it can only reach a particular audience enabling the best privacy option available. This manual is a compact layout of 11 important and decisive steps to help make decisions more discerning and educated while choosing a live stream provider for any organization with the use of the service.

1.1. Definition and Importance of Live Streaming

Bringing the live events to a global audience, these professional webcast services mimic the features and flexibility of a television broadcast. Users watching the live stream and organizers can therefore typically pause, rewind, and catch up on the event in real-time. In addition, these services usually offer the capability for businesses or organizations to play pre-recorded video content, to insert graphics, text, or even display client logo or advertisement to display sponsorships. A live stream event organized well can allow the viewers watching the event to interact in real-time, either through comments and chat, or mid-contest and live Q&A or polls. The event can also include multiple translators or interpreters for multilingual events.

A live stream service can be hosted by a professional live stream services provider for businesses and organizations to broadcast or host live events such as product launches, AGMs, graduations, sports, wedding ceremonies, worship services, and even funerals. The service provides a platform for businesses or organizations to run their event using a seamless, simplified, and user-friendly interface supported by a professional production crew that may include a technical director, camera operators, sound technicians, graphic operator, live stream producers, professional live stream equipment, and IT operators necessary to ensure a professionally executed live stream.

1.2. Evolution and Growth of Live Stream Services

Live stream services are widely used in the e-sports domain for live streaming events, especially in the video gaming community. Most broadcast channels that feature such video games are managed by the community itself or by event organizers. These channels are then broadcast on live stream platforms such as Twitch, which is a web service that provides live streaming from e-sport channels. The service includes broadcast channels such as ELeague, StarCraft2, and Beyond the Summit.

The second category, the live stream coverage app, includes those that are platforms for user-generated content and involves live broadcasting of events. Examples of this category include Twitter and Facebook, which have live streaming as one of their features.

There are a variety of live stream applications present worldwide today, and these applications can be divided into two categories. The first category, the focused live stream, comprises apps that primarily provide live stream features. This category has the advantage of having specialized services to improve user experience and the limitation of attracting only live stream viewers. Examples of this type of app include Twitch and UStream.

2. Factors to Consider When Choosing a Live Stream Service

Are you looking to live stream your important event? You need to know that not all live stream services are equal. In order to get the best results, you need to take various factors into consideration when choosing a streaming service to work with. A poor-quality live stream can ruin your event and lead to viewer frustration. The following is a comprehensive guide to choosing the best live stream service in Singapore.

Do you have a big event coming up? Perhaps a wedding or a product launch? These days, with the increasing prevalence of social media and other digital platforms, many are leveraging the virtual world to help them share the joy with loved ones, both near and far. To achieve this goal, you need a high-quality live stream service. We have prepared a comprehensive guide to selecting the best live stream service in Singapore.

2.1. Technical Capabilities and Features

Gated Access: This is similar to that of viewer choice, but with an additional requirement for a password or code to be entered to ensure success.

Viewers Choice: Allow viewing of the live stream on a pay-per-view basis to ensure the lowest cost per stream. The viewership reach will remain fluid unless it affects the longevity of the client.

Limited Free Preview: Select portions or duration of your live stream can be viewed for free, with selected portions available for a price.

2.1.4 Ability to Monetize Live Stream The ability to monetize the live stream has to be considered by those who want some form of compensation for their efforts. There are still more monetization methods which can be considered.

2.1.3 Custom Video Portal Allowing clients to set up a custom video portal gives more independence to the demand generation process. Although some technical experience is required, comprehensive settings for peak presence are possible.

2.1.2 Platform Flexibility Expect 2 to 3 mandatory output platforms from your live stream service provider. These would typically be Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitch, Livestream, or Ustream. The more popular output platforms also run the risk of becoming oversaturated, fragmented, or overrun with bots. At least one or two other more niche output platforms should be considered to expand the potential audience base. The output platforms must offer a seamless viewer experience through their mobile phone applications as well.

2.1.1 Compatibility with Various Web Browsers A compatible web browser is required to access the live streaming service. This would usually entail the use of web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari. Ensure compatibility with a wide selection of web browsers, less the viewership intercepted parts of your target audience.

2.2. Customization Options and Branding

The main reason you are using a live streaming service is because you want to reach people who are far away from you. As such, you should be able to use your streaming content in your way. In this case, customization and branding become very important. Don’t be fooled by the unlimited scalability of the live streaming service you are trying to obtain. If you cannot use the brand identity you have created so far, none of their other services matter. So, what customization and branding options should you be looking for? First of all, you should be able to set the dimensions of the video in question. So you should be able to upload the logo of your brand and display it on the live stream screen as a watermark and in the HTML code of the video player. The on/off button of the watermark should belong to you. You will also want to adjust the streaming quality of the service. Some providers may automatically select the resolution for each of your users if you allow it. If you want to do those when you see appropriate, you should instruct it.

Once you have decided you are going to stream your event, it’s time to choose your live streaming service provider. When you decide to use a live streaming service, keep in mind that your competitor can also view the live streaming. Thus, you need to make sure that you are partnering with the best one. In this article, we aim to help you with tactics, research, techniques, and questions you can ask your provider. Instead of researching for days, go through these tips. With this comprehensive guide, you can save your time and work more. We will guide you through the most important points that you should consider if you are looking for a live streaming service in Singapore.

2.3. Cost and Pricing Models

Like other business services, a comprehensive live stream service provider will generally offer tiered pricing, catering to audiences of different sizes and different requirements. The most basic tier usually only includes the actual live streaming service, while mid-tier plans might include a dry run for your live stream, video processing, content, and video distribution. Finally, the higher-tier plans might include a Full Video Production (PVP) service for business conferences, product launches, or institution Open Houses. Some providers also allow for ECD (Earned Contribution Distribution) options for tiered pricing, allowing you to recoup some of your investment from the successful live stream.

As a small business owner, we understand that affordability is one of your key concerns when it comes to live stream services. However, price should never be the sole deciding factor because ‘cheap’ might just mean that the service can’t meet your business’s needs, resulting in a poorer quality of video. However, quality doesn’t always mean high prices – a good service provider will have transparent and accessible cost information and let you pay for only the services that you need.

3. Top Live Stream Service Providers in Singapore

  1. Viddsee. Best known for: Viddsee is an award-winning content distribution platform originally known for curating Asian short films, documentaries, and multidisciplinary films. From feature films, emerging narrative content to podcast episodes and localized livestreaming events such as film premieres, interviews, watch parties, and behind-the-scenes clips; Viddsee has growing content partnerships with international film festivals, young filmmakers, independent musicians, and content creators around the world. With over 20 million people visiting the platform every month, Viddsee is committed to helping their diverse and growing audience by showcasing curated, interesting, localized short form stories to impact, inspire, and entertain.

As part of the global movement towards digitization and virtual connectivity, live streaming has become indispensable in creating a seamless digital experience for brands and businesses today. Live streaming is the epitome of real-time content, allowing brands and businesses to maintain their lifeblood and connect with their audiences – enabling interactions and conversations that previously required the physical presence of those at either end of a live experience. But in order to truly reap the benefits of live streaming, you would need the right live stream service for your broadcast. Whether you’re a seasoned organization or an individual looking for the right live stream service to take your broadcast to the next level, we’ve rounded up some of the best live stream service providers in Singapore to help you reach your goals.

Aztec Live Studio. Best known for: MUON Live. Viddsee. Firstcom Singapore Pte Ltd. Streampoint. Grayscale Marketing. Streamcast Asia. Go live. UIColor Studio. Streamcast. FortySeven Pte Ltd. BEE LIVESHOP. UClass Vivarch Enabler. Visual Elements 2021-09-09 Shuwen Tan Concert Mall 2. Vivarkendyll.88. Xtype Images. Details.

3.1. Provider A: Overview and Key Features

For virtual events, this provider can deliver different event page layouts, different stage sets, breakout or parallel sessions, private messaging, external links, on-demand content replay, on-demand session storage, feature pre-recorded content, and other classical event elements. It has an in-house Live Webcast Production Studio. Depending on the type of live production and scale, it can engage with clients as full technical partners or just provide selected parts of the webcast lifecycle, such as video player integration, webpage design, remote VIP speaker checklist, audience participation set-up, online polling, online Q&A, and on-demand video clip conversion.

Provider A is a digital marketing and enterprise-grade broadcast production company in Singapore. This multi-award-winning provider specializes in delivering device-agnostic live streaming, webcasting, webinar, and virtual event solutions. Its webcast and live stream solutions are suitable for a range of live event needs, such as AGMs, shareholder meetings, employee town halls, corporate announcements, internal digital learning, virtual product launches, virtual exhibitions, fund launches, weddings, funerals, and memorial services. It can live stream in multiple formats, including live studio productions, remote productions, roundtable discussions, hybrid productions (live and virtual audience), mixed-audience productions, webinars, hosted talk shows, interviews, fireside chats, virtual events, and broadcasts.

3.2. Provider B: Overview and Key Features

Some of the benefits are the dedicated planning and support by a dedicated team, utilizing and interfacing with superior hardware and design. With a focus on distinctively unique studio spaces, they cover significant risk areas so relocating last-minute will never be an issue. With their flexible and powerful software suite, you can deliver advanced features in real-time and your audience may interact, engage, and provide valuable feedback during your presentations and events. You are working with world and industry leaders when you work with this provider. Only with years of experience could something so efficient and looking so effortless be put together. Rest assured that you would be in good hands, for a seamless virtual meeting or event.

This section deals with the unique features that Provider B offers and what makes it a good choice of a live streaming service to cater to your corporate needs, events, and functions. In this section, you will find several images that exemplify what you can expect when investing in Provider B’s live streaming service. You must steer clear from providers that alias their interface to appear like thousands of others, which gives a negative vibe and first impression to your prospective clients. With this provider, you can easily brand your live event space to become uniquely and distinctly yours. Any good company is nothing without a proper and professional team supporting them. Unlike what most other services do, this professional company allows its dedicated service team to handle all aspects of production on your behalf.

4. Case Studies: Successful Implementations of Live Stream Services in Singapore

Client 2: Members of the Government We provide a live streaming service to offer a very confidential webcast to the public. The test requires 2-factor authentication and is only accessible by viewers with a unique off-hour username and password. Even when the live streaming is enabled, the customer has the option to delay the live streaming by 10 minutes to avoid any sensitive security concerns. In addition to ensuring full control of the content, 3-day viewership may also validate and receive a daily report in order to verify the authenticity of the viewer if necessary. Every effort shall be made to have a smooth process. Finally, instant viewer registration and processing within 2 minutes only. Data is updated within 5 minutes for the viewership performances. Thanks to the live streaming service, the information is updated only 7 minutes before the live event starts, with 3 days after the carrying out. As a result, viewers are now only able to register 7 minutes before the live event begins.

Client 1: Non-profit organizations NPOs in Singapore face the same problem when they can’t hold live events to raise money or raise money. Fortunately, our live stream service is able to host these online and still let the target audience make donations. NPOs also have the flexibility and at their discretion, host certain sections only for the sponsors they work with. With certain sponsors via our live streaming service, they can display marketing materials, including videos that promote their products or services. Thanks to the engagement functions we introduced, viewers are invited to cast votes for the prizes they would like to receive in reward for donations. There is also a private chat for sponsors to engage or give prizes as well.

4.1. Event A: Description and Results

On Race Day C, foreign runners were not only favored, but they also managed to gain victory. Although no U-shaped relationship was observed in event size, a clear linear relationship developed: for each runner in the race the amount bet on the race more than doubles. On Race Day C, the local runners managed to put their supporters in a good mood and resulted in Singapore citizens biting four times as much on the local runners as compared to the foreign runners. Our hypothesis on time perspective seems to be supported by this variable. On Race Day C, EL conditions prevailed and whereas the local economy seemed to almost come to a halt on that day, the preference for the local runners seemed to hardly exist.

Let’s take a brief look at each of the independent variables prior to examining our cross-sectional regression analyses. Event A was a race of predominantly international horses from four countries. This race was of mixed ability, which added level weight scale. The track officials had categorized the event in several different ways, including being the highlight event of the race meeting and the major race for the day. Our results showed that this event promoted significantly higher levels of betting turnover when compared to the other events of the day. This is inconsistent with the hypothesis of the sopranos effect. On Race Day C, four out of the four measures showed that people supported the local runners. On Race Day B, this was also evident for the amount won on each country, and an opponent of the local runners not winning.

4.2. Event B: Description and Results

Simulcast (Broadcasting) Both events, the broadcast was only webcast through YouTube Live to an unlisted channel. However, in future event-based interaction can be enhanced with simultaneous webcast from different sources to a paid platform or free channels like YouTube Live to direct viewers to the paid webcast. The free webcasts could present 3 cameras of social media influencers, with 1 camera interacting with viewers using live comments. Viewers who want additional content would need to subscribe to the paid webcast with multiple cameras displaying visuals systematically triggered by the event production console.

Technical Specifications: Audio: Wired Microphone to Sound System Channel 4 right board Video: Wired HDMI Video, end-users display 2x screen system (2 channels audio) Video Production: Logitech C930 camera on laptop

Event B was conducted on 5th July 2018. The successful pre-production planning helped to minimize glitches in the broadcast. The audio was clear throughout the event, even though we were only patching off the sound system. Knowing the venue helps to ensure that the video team brings the necessary equipment to interface with the sound system. The video operators provided live video with lower-thirds, animated logo, and full screen (180-degree panning). We used a single camera during Q&A involving the audience. Our service scope included live webcast to YouTube Standard as well as equipment setup.

5. Conclusion and Final Recommendations

Key specific scenarios to ensure the live stream service is reputable and reliable. When you are streaming a high-profile guest speaker for your webinar and many influential eyes are watching, you need to ensure that the service provider delivers. Not only will it spoil the moment for your guest speaker (it may potentially affect future collaborations too), but it is also a risk for your company. If you are unsure, speak to the live stream company and find out its capabilities and experience. Check the service provider’s past live stream events and reach out to the client references. It is wise to identify onboard the best service provider or seek another route. Engaging the right live stream service is critical, as the first thing you would want is to have 100 viewers online, yet you are not able to get the necessary support when technical errors arise during the intervention itself.

The formulation of these five steps is meant to guide companies and/or individuals who are just beginning their journey in selecting a live stream service provider. As to which service provider to ultimately engage, it is crucial to negotiate the services and terms that are beneficial and cost-effective to you and/or your business. Generally, the service packages shown here are standard for service packages in the live stream services industry. Many of these streaming services cater to specific occasions and events, and their features are tailored specifically to the themes. Find one that suits your needs and make sure that the deliverables are as per what was negotiated. The last thing you would want at your important event is to have a streaming disaster and lack of support from the live stream service provider. Always remember, 10% of your budget should be allocated for the live stream expenses.

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