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Ancestral Tablets and Prices at Nirvana Columbarium

Chinese ancestral tablets are usually equipped with a proper altar for offering. During traditional rituals observing death anniversaries, the tablets are placed upon the family altar and properly offered with rice, fruits, tea, and incense, with the purpose of allowing the ancestor to partake in the essence of the offerings. At the end of the ritual, the food and drink are given away to the living persons to finish. Traditionally, after the ritual ends, the remaining rice and fruits will be removed outside the home and placed in a specified location in the garden where they will be left for a few days to allow ancestors to consume the spiritual essence of the food before being removed. This practice is still used in some traditional families and is being replaced by direct offering towards heaven.

What is an ancestral tablet? An ancestral tablet is a type of statuary, more specifically a wooden tablet, in Chinese ancestral veneration – the practice of venerating the spirits of the deceased. Such a tablet is generally still considered to house the spirit of the ancestor and serves as the focus of a family’s attention to its ancestry and the source of its lineage. Ancestors are considered the originators of long family lines, and their successes are considered the successes of their descendants. In order to continue having good fortune and blessings from their ancestors, it is necessary to have a good relationship with your ancestors and to try to seek their approval and assistance in family matters.

What is a Nirvana Columbarium?

There are many different types of buildings that have been converted or built to house cremated remains. The most common form of columbarium is a large building with vaults and niches of varying sizes to house urns. A niche is an in-wall space with facing, it is the most popular way to store urns as it takes up less space and is ultimately cheaper compared to other alternatives. An overlaying niche consists of two niches to form a double-storey compartment, with an internal shelf to store the urn. It is similar to that of an apartment block and is generally more costly. Some may opt for urns to be stored in a small compartment room in which the room may be furnished with tables and chairs for ancestor worship. Niche rooms can come in various sizes to cater to the differing financial abilities of individuals. High-rise columbariums are the more modern kind of columbarium with air-conditioning and lifts. This type of building is getting more popular in today’s society due to the Singapore government’s restriction on the collection of ashes from columbaria at void decks of HDB flats. Ash collection services are also available for those who are unable to collect ashes personally.

Nirvana Columbarium is a place where one can pay respect to one’s ancestors. It is a location dedicated to memorialize the life of those who have passed away. It is a lasting tribute to the departed and a place for future generations to visit. It provides a focal point for remembrance and is a location where ancestor worship can be practiced privately. This is especially so for family members who no longer have their own home or whose descendants may have migrated to other countries, as it may be difficult to find a suitable place for ancestor worship.

Importance of Ancestral Tablets

The altars of single and double niches come in two types. The first type has a niche compartment with an open altar outside. The second type is an enclosed type, which is an 8-compartment glass altar. Blue and white double niche ashes are stored in a double ash-altar, and the status of the deceased is inscribed onto a marble plaque placed above the altar. After Catholic burial was introduced in 2006, there were requests to provide a proper place for these deceased individuals. This led to the changing of some double niches to a more Western altar style (candle with cross and a niche for floral arrangement), and the ashes storage for some others were transferred to a burial plot.

Nirvana Columbarium is a place to store the ash-altar and the ancestral tablets. The altar is neatly kept in a compartment within a niche, with the tablets placed on it. The ash-altar can be seen as a symbolic representation of the deceased, while the tablet is viewed as a record and an important symbol of one’s roots. The placing of tablets is a cultural practice following the Chinese funeral tradition. For Taoists, they regard the tablet as an important medium through which they can continue to guide and take care of their deceased loved ones. Over time, in this modern era, the placing of tablets is viewed in various ways by different people. However, the main reason for placing a tablet is to show filial respect to the deceased by immortalizing their ancestor’s name, continuing the line of descent, having a medium for seeking blessings and avoiding misfortunes, providing a spiritual home for the ancestors, and unifying the family.

Ancestral Tablet Options

Customized ancestral tablet is perfect for those who are looking for a more personal representation of their deceased loved one, or for those who have special requirements in enshrining the remains. An example would be a special needs child who passes away may have a photo of himself engraved on the tablet to identify it as his, so as to not cause any confusion with another child who may have a similar name. Or a family that practices Buddhism/Taoism may want to purchase a tablet which contains the Six Paths of Life and Ten Worlds which represents the Buddhist and Taoist teaching. It is a simple yet effective way to represent different directions in one’s life and the consequences of actions throughout the reincarnation cycle. Whether it be engraving of a photo, special symbols, different sizes or custom shapes, there are no limits to what can be done with a customized ancestral tablet and will usually involve special coordination between the customer and the Nirvana sales consultant.

Premium ancestral tablets offer a more elaborate and elegant solution in enshrining the cremated remains compared to the standard choice. Customers will have a choice from 3 different calligraphy styles: English, Chinese, Romantic, along with a color selection from black or gold lettering. With a fully customized tablet, it will allow the family to adequately represent the deceased as the tablet could contain a combination of Chinese and English text if the deceased was bilingual.

Standard ancestral tablets are a cost-effective alternative and are still a tasteful solution to enshrine the cremated remains. Standard tablets are offered only in the Classic English Calligraphy. Customers may choose to purchase a Vitrified Urn which can be sealed inside the niche to preserve the ashes in the event the family may decide to remove the urn at a later date.

When the deceased’s family collects the cremated remains, the decision of whether to invest in an ancestral tablet is then posed. Ancestral tablets are simple urns which can be placed within the niches to enshrine the cremated remains. For those who opt not to invest in an ancestral tablet, the remains can be housed within the niche by immuring the urn directly inside. Prices may vary between different types of ancestral tablets.

Standard Ancestral Tablets

The standard ancestral tablets offered at Nirvana are made of jade. They come in five different varieties. The width, length, base type, marker inscription, and asking price all vary. The smallest version of the standard tablet comes in at 4×2.5×1.5 inches with a round base, 12 English letters, and 4 number inscription. At $1200, this is the simplest of the standard tablet choices. The next size up is 5x3x2 inches with a round base, 12 English letters, and 6 number inscription. This tablet runs for $1500. The medium version is 4x5x2 inches with a niche base, 16 English letters, and 6 number inscription. This tablet sells for $1800. The large size is 5x7x2 inches with a niche base, 16 English letters, and 8 number inscription. This size of standard tablet runs for $2000. Finally, the extra-large standard jade tablet is 6x8x2.5 inches, with a niche base, 16 English letters, and a 10 number inscription. This largest version standard tablet offered runs for $2500. It should be noted that the inscription on these tablets will be either pinyin or Chinese characters.

Premium Ancestral Tablets

Depending on the owner’s grave, a serene and neat cubicle or a private family bay covered with a memorial plaque, high dignity can be bestowed upon the deceased through the choice of high-quality Black & Gold Ru Yi Premium Ancestral Tablets. Each premium ancestral tablet comes with an official notarization and agreement form stating that the ancestral tablet to be made will not be discontinued and will be displayed eternally within Nirvana Columbarium. With additional features such as the marble base, incense container, and photo frame, the Black & Gold Ru Yi Premium Ancestral Tablet represents a strong and long-lasting memorial for future generations. For those who wish to bestow great dignity on their ancestors, the Diamond English Calligraphy Premium Ancestral Tablet is the premium choice. Designed for the elite, this majestic English Calligraphy tablet is double the size of the standard English Calligraphy tablet, offering additional space for detailed ancestral information. The English calligraphy on the Diamond tablet, coupled with the elegant gold diamond symbol, communicates rigidity, strength, and durability. This tablet symbolizes the pinnacle of achievement.

Customized Ancestral Tablets

Customization allows for people to make their own original tablet designs. One of the common ways to make a customized tablet is to personalize it with the name of the ancestors. Other ways to customize tablets include adding decorations relevant to the people being honored, the history of the family lineage, or even the individual’s own life. A notable advantage to customization is that it keeps the memory of ancestors alive through creating a visual cue and possible conversation piece for future generations to learn and remember the people being honored. Due to the unique nature of each customization, there isn’t really a set price for creating a customized tablet. This will depend on a variety of factors including the size and detail of the carving and the material quality of the tablet. Typically, a higher quality material with more highly detailed carvings will cost more. It is advisable to seek out a professional artist or a company that specializes in making grave markers and burial monuments when creating a customized tablet to ensure the best possible quality. Customized ancestral tablets offer individuals an opportunity to work with companies to create a unique tablet for the individual they are honoring. This offers flexibility in design (adding characters, designs), size and material leading to a myriad of prices depending on the specific features decided on to make it easier to find something that will fit the needs of the individual and their budget.

Pricing of Ancestral Tablets

The standard material used in English-speaking communities would be marble composition. A very basic marble tablet may cost around $250. These tablets are usually smaller in size compared to Chinese tablets and are hung on the wall. The main disadvantage of these tablets is the vulnerability to breakage. During the All Souls’ Day season, it is common to see cemetery workers breaking marble tablets with a sledgehammer. This is because in western cultures, the day of remembering the dead is fixed on All Souls’ Day and a weekend near this date. To remove yearly maintenance fees, families have the option of placing their names on a wall or plaque and removing the tablet. Due to this, there is no fixed season for marble maintenance. Though tablets last longer out in the weather and are an easily replaceable item.

Price range for standard ancestral tablets The cheapest materials for standard tablets are wood or wood-based products like particle board. In Singapore, prices may start from $50 onwards. Wooden tablets are more common in Chinese-speaking communities. They use simple Chinese calligraphy and low-cost tablets with thumbprints or photos glued onto the tablet.

Factors affecting ancestral tablet prices Price is an essential factor when selecting an ancestral tablet. It reflects the quality and craftsmanship put into the tablet. There are two main things that affect the price of an ancestral tablet: the material used and the skill of the calligrapher. Patterns and designs on the tablet add to cost. Tablets made from semi-precious stones, marble, or granite are more expensive than standard materials like wood or limestone. Calligraphers charge at different rates. Well-known calligraphers generally charge more per word compared to calligraphers who are less proficient. They may also add extra cost for special fonts and designs. Usually, prices vary from $2 per word to $10 per word. With these factors in mind, we have categorized the price ranges for standard, premium, and customized ancestral tablets.

Factors Affecting Ancestral Tablet Prices

The latter category of factors reflects the value of ancestral tablets in the cultural and psychological aspects of consumers. In modern society where traditional Chinese values are giving way to westernization, consumers have differing degrees of cultural awareness and identification with traditional Chinese beliefs and customs, depending largely on their generation, education level, and the influence of acculturation. They have differing degrees of belief in the existence of the afterlife and communication with the deceased and hence differing motivations and needs on ancestral worship. Consumers with stronger belief and motivation on ancestral worship tend to perceive higher value on ancestral tablets and are more willing to pay higher prices. The value of ancestral tablets is also related to the family size, economic ability, and status. Large families with higher economic ability and social status tend to have grander and more elaborate ancestral worship practices usually to project their status and achievements. This implies a higher worth of tablets for the more elaborate ancestral worship and the willingness of consumers from such families to pay higher prices.

Factors that affect ancestral tablet prices can be divided into two general categories: (a) functional factors and (b) symbolic factors. The former relates to the specifications and quality features of ancestral tablets such as the type of materials used, the size and weight of the tablet, durability, and ease of maintenance. Different customers have different requirements on these functional features which vary with their cultural, educational, economic, lifestyle background and also personal attitude. The more sophisticated and rational customers with higher education and income level usually consider the long term cost effectiveness and hence prefer tablets with good quality materials which are durable and easy to maintain. On the other hand, the less sophisticated and economically weaker customers are more concerned with the immediate costs and may choose materials of lower quality but less durable, sacrificing long term cost-effectiveness. The variation of functional requirements among different customers gives rise to a wide range of prices for tablets of different specifications and quality attributes.

Price Range for Standard Ancestral Tablets

Standard ancestral tablets, though not as fancy, can help your ancestors to “rest in peace” with the inclusion of a decent afterlife. The price range for standard ancestral tablets at Nirvana Columbarium varies greatly according to the type of material used and the size of the tablet. Marble tablets are more expensive and can cost up to $20,000, whereas granite or pebblecast tablets are more affordable, costing only about $5,000. Similarly, a larger tablet will cost more than a smaller one. This is because larger tablets require more space and hence the cost of columbarium rental will be higher. The text inscription on the tablet usually costs around $500, more if it is a longer inscription. The total cost for a standard ancestral tablet ranges from $2,200 to $25,000, with an average cost of $12,000. The price range is quite broad and allows for people from different income groups to afford a niche and a standard ancestral tablet for their loved one. However, it is wiser to stay within one’s means, as the maintenance and annual costs for a niche may be quite considerable. Given this fact, it is also wise to opt for an alternative that best suits one’s needs and ability to maintain over the long term. Step into the Nirvana Advisory or call our marketing consultants at Tel: 65564679. They can give you some good advice on which would be the most suitable type of niche and ancestral tablet for you.

Price Range for Premium Ancestral Tablets

Premium ancestral tablets are generally located in the central courtyard or premium niches of a columbarium. These tablets are usually made from high-quality materials and come with a variety of added features. Price differences are usually a result of where the tablet is located, the material it is made from, and the size of the tablet. Tablets located in the central courtyard and premium niches are more expensive than those located in standard niches, and all types of marble tablets will cost more than those made from granite. Tablet size is obviously related to price; the larger the tablet, the more expensive it will be. Tablet inscription can also add cost to a tablet. High-quality inscriptions come at an added price. High-quality inscriptions are usually those which are carved by professionals and not done by mechanical means. Additional features can also add cost to a tablet. Such features may include a portrait of the ancestor, additional LED panels, the freezing of a niche’s rental, to name a few. Additional features usually have their own associated costs and should be inquired about prior to purchasing.

Price Range for Customized Ancestral Tablets

The prices for customized ancestral tablets vary greatly depending on the complexity of the design, material, and size used. Due to the vast number of permutations, only a selected few examples can be illustrated. Diagram 3.13 and Photograph 3.3 show a simple but contemporary design for a couple. The female tablet is $1800 and the male tablet is $2300. Both are carved from a light grey piece of marble, and the designs are modernistic in nature. At the other end of the spectrum is a highly intricate design of a dragon and phoenix. Both emblems are renowned Chinese symbols rich in cultural and traditional significance. The dragon tablet is a black piece of granite, and the phoenix tablet is white granite. Both tablets are approximately 2′ by 1’6″ in size. Each tablet is $6800. The grand total for the design comes to a staggering $13600! The detail in the carving, the differing colors of granite, and the large tablet size give rise to the high cost. Another example shown in Photograph 3.4 is a pair of portrait etchings. The man’s tablet is $2500, and the woman’s tablet is $3250, both carved from black granite. The fixed cost for portrait etching is $900 regardless of tablet size. In essence, larger more intricate designs yield higher prices, and simpler designs yield lower prices. Long quotations etched in calligraphy, detailed images such as buildings or landscapes, and any blending of color or special effects all incur extra charges. Measures are being taken to standardize pricing based on the aforementioned criteria in order to simplify the quotation process for the customer.

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